Hi, I’m Julie, Founder & Head Curator of Two Feet In & Two Feet In Coaching.

For as long I can remember I’ve loved anything to do with self-growth. I’ve spent the last twenty years, trying and testing various routes to a happier life and have collected hundreds of tools, tips and resources on the way. ⁠And now I want to share them with you through the Two Feet In directory. 

I know what it’s like to spend countless hours searching for the right coach or book that you truly connect with, or feel confused by the various frameworks or practices that promise to unlock your potential. But the truth is that personal development is personal – which means there isn’t one right way to do it – just the right way for you. 

With Two Feet In I’m on a mission to demystify the world of self growth and help you find resources and experts who can help you transform your life.

And because I love the Self Growth space so much I have also launched my very own Twofeetin Coaching Method by blending a mix of neuroscience and mystical tools to help my clients unblock their past and reimagine their future.

I can’t wait to grow together, 

Julie x