09. 26. 2021

Is Fear Of Success Holding You Back?

How good are you prepared to let things get?  At first glance you may think this is a strange statement – I know I did. But as I looked at my undesirable behaviour and self-sabotaging habits – I recognised that the connective tissue surrounding these patterns wasn’t my fear of failure but my fear of

09. 19. 2021

What is stopping you from living your ‘perfect day’?

How getting clear on my ‘Perfect Day’ lead me to forgiveness. A few weeks ago I made the DECISION to start living the life I often journal about. In some ways I have had a version or another of ‘my perfect day’ in my mind for years, it goes something like this: 5am to 9am

08. 02. 2021

Female friendships: How I healed my relationships with women

Female friendships are always I wanted to share a slice of my story that shaped the woman I am today. Up until my mid-30s, I had a rocky relationship with women and found it hard to create lasting friendships. In 2017 I hit rock-bottom which broke me open, and eventually healed my heart.  This is

07. 25. 2021

Finding My Zone Of Genius and Leaning Into Joy

Have you heard of the concept of foreboding joy? Brene Brown found that in her 12 years of research into how people live a wholehearted life, the number one most terrifying emotion for people to experience was, Joy.  This does not surprise me. I can recall events in my own life that have reinforced the belief that

06. 30. 2021

The Basics Of Breathwork

Breathwork is when you consciously use your breathing to change your state of being, or physical, mental, or emotional state. I was first introduced to breathwork in 2017 when I was suffering from anxiety & depression. At first, I was quite sceptical – I mean breathwork, really? Didn’t that just happen without us having to

06. 21. 2021

Role Models Over Supermodels

This week as I scrolled through Instagram I noticed how my feed has changed over the last couple of years.  It used to be filled with perfect pictures of mostly women who had perfect lives, went on perfect holidays, with perfect post-baby bodies and with children who always looked, well, perfect (unlike my son who prefers

06. 14. 2021

How To Gain Momentum – and Keep It

How can we gain momentum and then stick to the good habits that helped us get there? For me, it’s all about my morning routine.   Over the past week, I have had few people in my circle ask me about my morning routine and how I stick to it.  As I reflected on the

06. 07. 2021

The Value of a Coach & How to Find the Right One

A few weeks ago I announced my investment into an online B2B SaaS coaching platform called morehappi. More Happi exists to democratise coaching services. The Founder, Ashleigh Tennet launched the business while at home during the first lockdown in March 2020 as she knew with every fiber of her being that people’s mental health would suffer and everyone (not just