How It Works

Our directory is a free resource, created to help you find great people, products, and resources to support your self-growth journey.  Not only will you discover tools that could transform your life, but you can also create categorised lists that will form your own personal self-growth plan.

Step 1 – Create your free account with just your email and password 

Step 2 – Use the filters to search the directory for resources that meet you where you’re at 

Step 3 – Hit ‘Save’ to add your chosen directory entry to your profile 

Step 4  – Create a new list or add the entry to an existing one 

Step 5 – Head to the ‘Self Growth Plan’ tab to find all your saved resources 

Step 6 – Dive two feet in to your self-growth journey!

How To Use Our Filters

There are numerous ways you can filter through the hundreds of resources on our directory. 

By Category – Use the tabs along the top of the directory to search by resource category. If you want to see only books or podcasts, coaches or courses – this is the place to start. 

By Focus Area – Click the ‘Filter’ button on the right and find the subject you’re currently focused on – from Work and Finance to Relationships and Spirituality

By TFI Type

The journey to a more fulfilled life is not a short one. It’s a continuous learning curve, with many different stops along the way, so this filter will help you find resources that meet you where you’re at. 

Rewire your mind – Self-growth often starts with a lot of learning and unlearning. If you’re at the start of your journey, these resources will teach you the foundations of self-growth and the science behind some of the most powerful principles.

Refire your passions – Feeling stuck in rut or that your life has lost its spark? Our Refire resources have been specially curated to help you rediscover your passions and find the confidence to make them part of your everyday reality.

Reimagine your life – We know what it is like to reach a point in your life where you feel completely lost and want to hit that ‘restart button’.  If you feel like you need the Extreme Makeover version of personal development, our Reimagine resources are here to help.